Depending on how dirty your vehicle is and how much time you have will determine how to properly wash your vehicle. If you were to complete a “full deluxe” wash, then the washing procedure below should be followed.


The cost of washing your vehicle depends solely on how much time you require to wash your vehicle, essentially you are buying time on the machine. The coin box only accepts loonies and twoonies, it takes $4 to start the machine, at anytime you can add coins to add additional time, all time is accumulated on the digital timer as you add coins, however If you let the timer run out, you must insert $4 again to start the machine. During your time, you can use any option on the dial.

As an example, if you think it will cost about $5 to wash your vehicle, then insert the entire $5 at the beginning and all your time will be accumulated and displayed. If you require a little more time to complete rinsing, then simply add another $1 as the timer is counting down (if you let the timer run out then you must add $4 to restart the machine).


As mentioned above, depending on how much time you want to purchase and the condition of your vehicle, certain options may be skipped in washing your vehicle. One thing to note is that high pressure rinsing does not clean a vehicle on its own, at a minimum high pressure soap and the foam brush should be used. We also recommend that presoak be used as it is a very effective cleaner. Here is a description of a comprehensive wash procedure, please note some locations may not have all options available:


If you feel that one or more of the options is not required simply skip the option. As a bare minimum, pre-soak, high pressure soap, foam brush and rinse are necessary to achieve a clean vehicle, it is not necessary to pre rinse your vehicle;

Bug / Tar / Winter Salt Remover – apply to front of car, windshield and mirrors, this scented detergent will help loosen bug residue so it can be removed with high pressure during the rinse cycle, in the winter use this option to remove salt deposits from your vehicle’s finish including tire and glass,

Tire Cleaner – this green colored, spearmint scented detergent will help
loosen brake dust and cut through grease, apply directly to a dry wheel, three
inches away for best results,

Engine Cleaner – spray this specialty formula directly on your engine, leave engine running, rinse engine off after allowing cleaner to dwell,

Undercarriage Cleaner – this specialty formulated product helps clean and prevent corrosion on the underside of your vehicle, spray entire underside with this cleaner / protectant, do not rinse off,

Pre-Soak – this is another specially formulated product to remove road grime, we strongly suggest not to skip the application of pre-soak, apply to car from bottom to top, depending on the car wash location the pre-soak is either a low or medium pressure,

High Pressure Soap – our “Fresh & Clean” scented soap does a great job, apply to car from top to bottom, spend extra time to wash those “hard to get” spots, like behind door trim, door handles, fuel door, etc.

Foam Brush – our scented foam brush option gives you plenty of product to aid you in cleaning your vehicle and getting to those “hard to get” areas, apply to car from top down and rinse off when complete, make sure to rinse the brush head with high pressure before use,

High Pressure Rinse – all rinse water is softened warm water, use this option to quickly rinse off excess soap, wax and clear-coat protectant, always rinse from top to bottom,

High Pressure Wax / Clear Coat Protectant – our high quality scented protectant should be applied from top to bottom, this product will protect the car finish and glass from harmful elements such as UV rays, acid rain, bug residue, bird droppings, tree sap, etc..make sure to rinse off any excess,

Spot-Free Rinse – this water has been through a reverse osmosis system which removes all minerals from the water and allows only pure water to be used for rinsing, this helps eliminate any potential spotting which may occur.

If you have any questions please contact us.